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April 15th, 2016

Why Bernie is going to Win!

By R. Crosby Lyles originally published at Dailykos April 14th, 2016



Because if Bernie Wins, and the Republicans keep Congress, everyone gets what they want: The smoldering fires of discontent on the left are temporarily quenched; The Tea Party can keep their cash cow without having to produce anything; And, the Ruling Elite get even less government by way of four more years of debilitating deadlock.

Bernie is the most logical choice for the Oligarchs. He’s the perfect socialist silhouette for the Tea Party gun range. Though Hillary and Bill are also fabulous targets for right-wing foolishness they are  too skilled at building coalitions in Washington, they might actually produce something. Besides, the machine gun of smear is getting worn out after 25 years of Clinton blasting. Of course, any of the Republicans would be a complete disaster in the Oval Office because they would have to actually give the wing-nuts some of the crazy shit they want, which could be catastrophic in unpredictable ways. Note: Catastrophic isn’t as bad as unpredictable from a business point of view. You can actually get rich from a predictable catastrophe. Not only that, but if the Republicans win it all, the war is over, the illusion of hope is dead, and the means of distraction from our collective desolation is gone. With hope vanquished, the American People would certainly rise up and oligarch beheadings wouldn’t be far behind.


April 19th, 2015

Moon, Mars, Venus, And The Ultimate Sacrifice

Also, Published on R. Crosby Lyles’ page at Dailykos  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/04/20/1378829/-Moon-Mars-Venus-and-the-Ultimate-Sacrifice

This is video of the Moon, Mars, and Venus setting closely together in the sky on February 20th, 2015. The video is time compressed from about 40 minutes to around 8 minutes. Because there is not much noticeable movement in the first four minutes, I put together a tribute to all the spacefarers who have made the ultimate sacrifice to explore space up to the present. The last four minutes are just the Moon, Mars, and Venus, setting behind some trees in a park in North Central Florida. Skip to about 4:10 if you aren’t interested in a sermon about long term public investment in pure science. Sources for still photos are below the fold. Sorry, they are in no particular order.

Transcript of visual slides:

Since 1959
between six different countries
123 missions to the Moon
of various types
have been attempted.

Fifty six failed…

The pursuit benefited
humankind in ways
we could scarcely
have imagined.

Between 1960 and 2011
a total of 55 attempts
were made to
probe Mars.

Twenty seven failed.

The Successes have
been spectacular.

Forty two attempts
have been made
to probe Venus.


Probing the hot, harsh,
high pressure, acidic
landscape of Venus is
one of mankinds greatest

Thirty two spacefarers
have lost their lives
in the exploration
of space

Nineteen died from
malfunctions in flight
to or from space.

Soviet Union: Vladimir Komarov – Soyuz 1

United States: Michael J. Adams – X-15 Flight 3-65-97

Soviet Union: Georgi Dobrovolski -Soyuz 11
Soviet Union: Viktor Patsayev -Soyuz 11
Soviet Union: Vladislav Volkov -Soyuz 11
(Among the pallbearers was astronaut Tom Stafford, Commander of Apollo 10. July, 1971.)

STS-51-L Challenger

United States: Greg Jarvis
United States: Christa McAuliffe
United States: Ronald McNair
United States: Ellison Onizuka
United States: Judith Resnik
United States: Michael J. Smith
United States: Dick Scobee

STS-107 Columbia

United States: Rick D. Husband
United States: William McCool
United States: Michael P. Anderson
United States: David M. Brown
United States: Kalpana Chawla
United States: Laurel B. Clark
Israel: Ilan Ramon

Thirteen perished
training or testing.

Soviet Union: Valentin Bondarenko
United States: Theodore Freeman

United States: Elliot See – Gemini 9
United States: Charles Bassett – Gemini 9

United States: Virgil “Gus” Grissom – Apollo 1
United States: Edward H. White – Apollo 1
United States: Roger Chaffee -Apollo 1

United States: Clifton C. Williams
United States: Robert Lawrence

Soviet Union: Yuri Gagarin – Soyuz 3
Soviet Union: Vladimir Seryogin – Soyuz 3

Russia: Sergei Vozovikov

United States: Michael Alsbury – (SpaceShip Two VSS Enterprise crash during test flight)
As many as 237 (over and above the thirty two listed above. Figures on a rocket crash in a town in China are hotly contested. If only six actually died the figure is about 143 fatalities. An overall figure is hard to estimate, however, because of incidents involving national security of all of the space faring nations)
technician and civilians
around the world
have died because
of various mishaps
related to
space travel.

Civilian explorers
are planning to leave Earth
using private funds and
everything we learned
from their sacrifice.

And… Long term investment in Pure Science!


The first successful flyby of the Planet Venus was accomplished by Mariner 2 in 1962.
In 1970, the Soviet Venera 7 lander became the first probe to return data from the surface of Venus. Later Venera landers would return images from the surface.

Challenger crew cabin

Funeral for soiuz 11

Apollo 13 damage

Appolo 15 car and astonaut

Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong Lunar Landing Test Vehicle (LLTV) Crash
Launch failure

china moon

Antares failure

commercial resupply failure

Proton failure

vanguard explosion

Russian escape rockets firing


Liberty bell 7

Mars exploration family portrait
picture from mars

nasa pict from mars

tire tracks on mars

Mars nasa 1

Nasa maven

mars hubble


gal venus

lightning on venus
more lightning on venus

pict of venus

Russian venus probe
vega probe (venus-Halley’s commet)


genesis drop

Galileo prep

Magellan Venus probe

Number of nasa unmanned missions – more than 1000

A total of 538 people from 36 different countries have been launched into space.

Virgin Galactic



Armadillo aerospace


Bigelow Aerospace
Nedelin explosion

MA1 capsule

Chinese rocket disaster

Challenger crew

Columbia crew
Apollo 1 crew

Vladimir Komarov

michael j. adams

Valentine B.
Valentin Bondarenko

Solar cells

Water purifier

Improved radial tires

Artificial limbs

scratch resistant lenses

infrared thermometer

Ventricular assist


April 11th, 2015

Coming soon:

I am working on an “Escape from New York” type thriller that I will probably release using Create Space. It uses a nuclear holocaust back drop to explore social issues and the public perception of our time. Don’t want to let the fizz out now. Should be a fun ride with some interesting twists. Wondering about Audio books…?


February 15, 2015

UnHoly War


In 2002 the base price of oil was about $20.00 a barrel. By 2008 that price had swollen to around $145.00 a barrel. In that same time frame American house hold wealth rose by 40% from just under $40 trillion to just over $65 trillion. It is interesting to note that the rising overall casualty rate of the Iraq War tracks closely to the rising base price of oil and the subsequent rise in American wealth during that same time period. This is because the chaos of war in an oil producing country slows down production and delivery. A Basic precept of economics is that when supply is disrupted demand rises and the price for that commodity goes up. America’s massive reserves of oil circa 2002 were not considered viable because of the large cost of production at that time. To make the Fracking of American oil reserves profitable, the price of oil must be as high as possible. The only thing standing in the way of massive profits by America’s oil industry was the cut rate sale of Iraqi oil by Saddam Hussein on the black market. Indeed, once he was out of the way, the War in Iraq proved to be most profitable for most of the major oil companies and at historic margins. It is obvious to most economists today that American economic power though once bolstered by low oil prices is now built on high oil prices made possible by ongoing chaos in the Middle East.

Not withstanding the fortunes that are owed to Halliburton Corporation for oil infrastructure built since the inception of the Iraq war, as far as America’s oil industry is concerned the oil producing Middle East might as well be blown right off the map. That includes the 10% of proven oil reserves held by Iran. It should be crystal clear at this point why American politicians like the former CEO of Halliburton Vice President Dick Cheney are always lobbying for sanctions against Iran while delicately stoking the embers of war in the Middle East in predictable directions. The flames of war must curtail production while also preserving Halliburton Hardware not yet fully paid for. So, it’s really a combination of economic sanctions and political chaos in those regions that create disruptions in oil production which, drives up demand and price.

Judging by the current decline in world oil prices, we might surmise that the jig is up for America’s oil producers. Unfortunately for them, Americans are tired of war and also happened to like paying lower prices at the gas pump. Now consider comments made by Dick Cheney about how “Next time they(the terrorists) will have deadlier weapons than airline tickets and box cutters…” They certainly will if Dick Cheney has anything to say about it. In order to drag an unwilling American populous back into war in the Middle East we will have to suffer a calamity at least as devastating as 911. One would hope that our new Republican Congress doesn’t decide to de-fund The Department of Homeland Security over something trivial in the near future. The results of such a move could be disastrous for everyone. Everyone that is, accept the American oil industry.


World Oil Markets and the Invasion of Iraq

by Raad Alkadiri Fareed Mohamedi

published in MER227


They called on Russia to cooperate with OPEC in cutting back production, but were rebuffed. Russia was playing a game of chicken with OPEC — a collapse in oil prices would not have served its economic interests either, since it had just emerged from recession and financial crisis. A large part of Russia’s economic recovery could be attributed to higher oil prices and the oil sector boom, which attracted substantial sums offsetting massive capital outflows. In the short run, Russia got the best of both worlds. OPEC cut supplies massively to support prices above $20 per barrel and simultaneously made room for additional Russian supplies.

Will Saudi Arabia accommodate its fellow OPEC members or will a price war ensue? There are a number of compelling arguments for a new price war. Lower oil prices will likely knock out more expensive non-OPEC oil in the US, Canada and the North Sea. Moreover, it will discourage new investment in costly projects such the tar sands development in Canada, deep offshore high-tech production and remote areas of Russia. Lower prices could also lead to another round of mergers among private companies in the West, thereby diverting capital from new development to buying existing oil assets. These losses in non-OPEC production would then provide extra room for OPEC output. This extra room could be allocated to the countries demanding disproportionately higher quotas. For a country like Saudi Arabia, lower prices are a stick with which to beat OPEC’s quota cheaters, given the damage their budgets and balance of payments would sustain while they wait for a larger chunk of world demand.

Opec nations list


Oil for food program wiki


Image of chaos in the middle east


Picture of refinery


Picture of a refinery


Oil map


Oil price analysis


World oil production


Exon Mobile gas and oil production


Iraqi oil production image


Crude oil production and exports by month(Iraq)


Opec crude oil production and spare capacity


Oil price and balancing budgets


Texas oil production 1981 to sept 2014


Iraq war protesters in front of whitehouse


Americans celebrate low gas prices


911 image


Nuke over NYC


Statue of liberty





January 25th, 2015

Name that Social Disease!

Redistribution is a dirty word most commonly sold as the taking of wealth away from people who earned it(the Makers) and squandering it on the poor (the Takers). But, the functioning of the human Cardiovascular system provides a good metaphor for how Redistribution really works. Blood is collected from all around the body, cleaned, oxygenated and redistributed. If blood is allowed to pool up because of disease, discoloration of the skin and necrosis of tissue follow with death not far behind. Anyone suffering from circulatory problems knows how ugly, painful, and deadly a lack of blood redistribution can be.

Money to a country like the United States is just like the life blood of an organism. When life bearing investment fails to reach the extremities of our society, paralysis and decay are certain. Indeed, circulatory problems in the flow of money have historically caused the slow demise of empires. The dystopian collapse of Detroit is a perfect example of what happens when money in the form of investment stops flowing. In many ways the third world is like one giant Detroit. Decaying institutions and infrastructure are obvious signs of cultural atrophy that the excessive concentration of wealth brings. Though the steady advance of our collective disease has been shockingly apparent for decades, we in the First World U.S. seem somehow powerless to stop it. Our shameful inability to solve the problem comes from a simple lack of good public relations.

The words “income inequality” and “fairness” are totally insufficient to communicate to the majority of people the dire state of our shared illness. It’s just too easy to maintain the straw man argument that taking money from talented people who have worked hard only to give it to “slackers” is unfair. This class warfare concept of Robin Hood social equity is a distraction from our mutual assured destruction that stems from a lack of investment. Too bad the word “investment” never caught on.

We could call our disease something like “Euroslerosis” a word from 1970’s Europe describing economic stagnation caused by generalized non-inclusion, but this term is too scientific. A term that is almost too terrifying to utter but may be the closest to the truth is Sudden Economic Death Syndrome. This name, however, sounds a bit melodramatic and too easy to shrug off. Third World-itis is good because it conveys a certain amount of shame by emphasizing the erosion of our status as first worlders. It also encapsulates the narrative quite nicely. By whatever name we chose, however, it is a disease, and crucially, one that will destroy everything we ever loved about our country.

Our ailment comes from the primal instinct to survive and is better known simply as greed. John Kerry tried the catch phrase “Creed of Greed” in his unsuccessful 2004 Presidential run, but it never caught on. Though greed is one of the seven deadly sins, it is not viewed as a personal failing. No, greed is the sacred means to the material status we worship. In spite of every christian admonition against the idolatry of materialism, the sole of America is infused with a bizarre mixture of Christ and greed. This is because the disease that is killing us has advanced with the aid of fabulous P.R.. We might hope that just as the chemical weapons of one microorganism are used to cure sickness caused by another, the P.R. weapons of this disease can be harnessed for its own eradication. Unfortunately, the cunning, baffling, and powerful nature of our collective ailment my require us to hit bottom.

Obviously, the collapsed of 2008 wasn’t scary enough to bring us to our senses. Probably because the delirium of our addiction is reenforced by a popular misconception. Most people who are moderately successful today think that because they are relative “winners” now, they will still be on top when the game is over. But, is it a game? Clearly, true hardcore capitalists see life as a game with ultimate winners and losers. This world view has no pity for the “losers” and their ultimate demise is viewed as totally fair. Cue every racist or cast system ideology that has ever existed with the role of the loser to serve the winner with absolute obeisance.

Ironically, almost all of the so called winners today will be losers when the last die hits the table. History does not lie. The popular board game “Monopoly” was invented around the time of The Great Depression as an object lesson about the game we are still playing today. Without redistribution of wealth (Progressive Taxation and public investment) the natural force of greed will leave us with one or two families in the entire world who own virtually everything. Even before this happens, it will be game over for every other player in the world. There can be no social mobility without the flow of capital as it is all locked up by one party. An Associated Press headline today warned that by 2016 the top 1% will own half of the wealth in the world. How about double or nothing?


December 9th, 2014

Michael Moore On The Shooting Of Unarmed Black People

From his The Awful Truth TV show fifteen years ago! And, it’s eerily topical today. Like nothing has changed at all.



November 23rd, 2014

So, What’s all the Republican Sturm and Drang about?

I don’t see anything out of control or lawless about the President’s Executive action on immigration  at all. Seems pretty tame to me. See for yourself:

November 11th, 2014

Howard Dean Deftly Explains What Happened in the MidTerms

Thanks for the upload Egberto Willies.

November 9th, 2014

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is One Hot Mama!

With all due respect of course, Debbie Wasserman Schultz the congresswoman from Florida’s 23rd District is hot because the Democrats just got burned. She recently made an open plea for feedback about what happened last Tuesday Nov. 4th when the Democrats got smashed in the midterm elections. Here is the link to the video on her Facebook page:


Well ma’am it’s simple. Voting for Republicans is what I call “The Big Fuck You.” It’s not about logic and reason, it’s all about hitting back. Obama’s job approval rating is irrelevant. Obama is a symbol not so much for who they hate, but who we love. They are able to hurt everyone they secretly hate by going after him. The rules for social acceptability are complicated and it’s far too easy to get busted by those around you for being subtly bigoted, even if you think you aren’t. So, the truly bigoted have developed ways and means to fight back against what they perceive as social tyranny without being labelled as a bigot. The feeling of being tyrannized is fostered by the rigors of political correctness which is used as a weapon by feminists, homosexuals, and other minorities to cement their power. I certainly don’t blame minorities that have indeed been openly tyrannized for centuries for trying to get more freedom and justice? But, over the years, a fair number of working class white people have been harangued for even obliquely trying to discuss differences between our values, which only deepens resentment.  This apparent power struggle has been encouraged by wealthy people in the hopes that it would ultimately disable the government and leave them in charge. It’s this manufactured resentment rooted in tribalism that has lead to the unwarranted defeat of President Obama’s party.

A species dies out when members of the herd fail to pull together in a crisis. It’s primal. The Democratic party has a hard time pulling the herd together because the identity of the herd is so fractured. Alison Lundergan Grimes’ abandonment of  a successful President of her own party is the most appalling example of this primal dislocation. If the Democrats want to win, we must first demand unity from every party member who is in a race. Do or die, we must maintain absolute loyalty to our president.  Unity is catchy and ultimately reassuring on a primal level. Primal communication is crucial to success! Intellectualism has buried us. Along those lines we need a well defined, simple, unifying  message that a child can understand. That message has to be about more than bread and butter, we must reclaim American Pride. We are all one American Tribe. There is no shame in watching out for each other. 

The Turd In The Punch Bowl:

The turd in the punch bowl is the remarkable ability for Republicans to brainwash large swaths of the country. The power of church fellowship has been overlooked as the main instrument of this insidious mind control. Very often people come to religion when they are at the weakest point of their lives. They may be experiencing the desperation of illness, addiction, incarceration, or some horrific loss. At these times, we may be more open to suggestion because desperation can bring greater open mindedness and eagerness to yield our will. The mind can then become fertile ground to plant strange fruit. These are the twisted mental orchards where every half baked, ignorant, and crazy idea of the twenty first Century has been sewn. Entire subcultures have been build to reinforce the precepts of this bazaar alternate reality, a reality that only serves the privileged.

The answer is simple:

Churches are all about the money. Giving a ten percent tithe of your gross income to the church is your reasonable service we are told. This is not considering alms collected for the needy and offerings for when you just feel generous.  Along with those pleas for cash come the usual list of right-wing talking points.

Chief among these talking points is undying loyalty to Israel. Jews used to be hated by southern white religious types, what happened? Some have suggested that the change in attitude by these religious institutions was fueled by cash payments from Israel. I don’t have any hard evidence of this, but find the accusation interesting. My Jewish family has taught me incredible volumes about patience and tenacity  in their desire for peace and prosperity in Israel against so much unnecessary hatred. Whatever works best to that end is just fine with me. Distasteful as it is, the idea of manipulating US policy through the churches has given me some inspiration. How much messaging is being bought and payed for by well-healed political interests? And, how long has it been going on? But most importantly, can the Democrats ease into the game?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Splattering the air waves with commercials in the final stretch of an election is like giving chemotherapy to a patient with a stage IV condition. Minds need to be cultivated steadily over the long haul. Why not sprinkle a little cash, between elections, on some grassroots churches throughout the Bible Belt? Then, the Democrats might disable or even harness the same message machine used by the Republicans. How much would it cost? If you think that small-time preachers can’t be bought off, think again. Religion is a racket that generates huge sums of money for a few, but not all. Remember, it’s a racket. There are legions of starving small-time preachers with day jobs who would be pleased as punch to take regular monthly tithes in exchange for, at the least, sticking to un-embellished scripture. After all, there is no crime in paying for the truth. In all cases, we should abide by the law with extreme vigilance.

P.S. It might also help the Democrats to send a small stipend to small-time bloggers like me here(click the donate button at the top of the page) or my brother at


so that we may continue to further the interests of the little guy.



October 14th, 2014

Why Freak out?

ABC News at  http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/worst-white-house-security-breaches-time/story?id=25679171  lists the eleven worst White House Security Breaches. Surprisingly, the latest incursion of an armed man(knife in his pocket) making it through five rings of security as far as the East Room  was not the most potentially damaging in history. In September of 1994 Frank Eugene Corder crash landed a small plane on the south lawn of the White House spraying debris on to the building. The failure there was seen as extreme considering that the plane could have been packed with explosives as it flew unimpeded through so much restricted Air space.   This is twenty years after a helicopter stolen from Ft. Mead managed to land intact on Nixon’s White House Lawn.

The other security breaches seem a bit less extreme because of who was involved and the circumstances. Two aspiring reality TV stars Tareq and Michaele Salahi managed to get close enough to mix and mingle with the president, V.P., and Chief of Staff at a White House Party back in 2009, which is pretty serious especially if they avoided being patted down. Back in 1985 after Reagan’s second inaugural  Robert Latt walked in with the Marine Corp Band. He just walked in and looked around before being discovered. We don’t know how serious that was because we don’t know how well positioned Reagan’s body men were at the time.  The People’s House requires obvious restraint in procedures to avoid making the place seem like a fortress. Probably for this reason the handling of intruders often seems subdued on television.

The longstanding fluid nature of managing security for a public building with such a high value residents leads one to think that some kinds of breaches may not be seen as particularly serious. The NY Times has a nice piece on the subject here http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/01/us/white-house-security-breach-omar-gonzalez.html where Peter Baker writes, “Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, told Congress on Tuesday that before the most recent incident, 16 people had jumped the White House fence over the last five years, six of them this year alone.” Apparently though, many fence jumpers are making a political statement that extends simply to the fact of having jumped the fence.

Obviously, the over arching political desire for the administration is not to look overly concerned about security because it presents unwanted optics associated with existential fear. Looking scared is bad politics on every possible level imaginable, which can translate into everything from not being able to move policy forward to emboldening our potential attackers. Oddly, strength and resolve is communicated best by restraint in the humane handling of fence jumpers of all creeds, and not being too quick in the overt bolstering of security overall. This complex dynamic is certainly difficult to manage and may be why Julia Pierson seemed almost glib in her answer to a question by a CNN reporter in the hallway outside the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform when she said,  “we’re humans and people make mistakes.” Unfortunately for Mrs. Pierson, the stakes require superhuman expectations and her answer came across as complacent. Finally, and perhaps for reasons unrelated to her apparent glib attitude, she was fired as head of the Secret Service.

Okay, so what’s the big deal? The story broke, heads have rolled, the Director of the Secret Service is out, chapter closed, turn the page. What’s the problem? By our Media’s detailed coverage of this story we  may have shown our enemies an opening with a road map of how they can attack us.  Our enemies are not stupid. They know the tenuous state of race relations in this country and how much havoc they could cause by killing a person who is not just a president, but the leader of a movement. Barack Obama represents the fruition of the long held dream of an oppressed people, a people who are now openly tyrannized. His loss could be the straw that breaks the camels back and sends America sliding into widespread civil chaos.

Now, this chaos is probably less likely to bring victory to the terrorists as it is to precipitate a roll back of what few social gains we have left to lose in this country. Though, it is possible that the opposite could happen. After all, when Kennedy was shot, LBJ used sympathy to push through legislation that he otherwise might not have gotten passed. The Republicans would be loathed to have that kind of heavy lost-kin resentment at their feet.  Then again, the resolve of this most intransigent party is unprecedented.  Indeed, what is really new is the political survivability of outright callous and even scandalous behavior.  This combined with gerrymandering creates an environment where the truly shameless can say “no” in the face of all human decency. In the end, they might just spit on the grave of our dearly beloved and keep right on perverting government process, and pillaging the country.

Manufactured civil discord, bought and paid for by big money interests, has effectively shut down the government. In fact, anti-government PR has been so effective that the very word “government” that used to represent our common interest is often used with disdain like an epithet. Division is obviously the tool of our collective demise. The beneficiaries are many but most likely they are the countries vying to obtain our natural resources, principally China and the corporations that extract and trade in those resources. The stakes are as high as the life and death of our ecosystem and as low as the passing of what was once the greatest democracy on the planet. Make no mistake, we are in the game of the millennium and it might be time to Castle.

R. Crosby Lyles

Additional source:



October 13th, 2014

Crap is King!

Welcome to the home of some really serious crap! Nineties crap!

As if the tiltle “News from the can” didn’t offer a clue.  This is the home of often ill-conceived diatribe. If my latest offering at Dailykos doesn’t get me kicked off the site, you can also see the wonderful, but well intentioned, crap I posted over there too.  Yep! I’m in deep shit over there, again… Everyone hates me…Even Kos hates me now. Kos, for God’s sake, hates me. All because I agreed that, having been put on notice for all of the security failures of the secret service lately, the president will be partly to blame if something happens to him now. I should have put in the caveat, something stupid, because a motherfucker being allowed to get into the White House with a weapon is a breach that is beyond stupid and needs to be addressed. My Right wing conspiracy theory paranoia is ringing off the hook right about now, but the reason I posted the diary is because I figured if I said something about it, something will get done, just to make me look foolish. Isn’t it a wonderful egocentric universe I live in? All events hinge on me.

I can hear them all now: “what an idiot!” “What an asshole!” “Moron!” But the shame of it is that none of this is very entertaining because it’s all so goddamn serious.

R. Crosby Lyles


August 19th, 2014

Giving Shepard Smith A Muted Nod

Nine days after the crisis started and unrest continues in Ferguson Missouri. And, I hate to say it but I found myself watching Fox News because their coverage was better. It was after midnight and Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell were pulling late duty covering events live with Chris Hayes on the ground in Ferguson. I flipped over to Fox to see their spin for a minute and ended up staying because the reporting seemed to be a little better. The Fox crew had better placement and Shepard Smith was doing a pretty good job on that big screen thing they have in the studio. Sorry to say it but Fox was out reporting both CNN and MSNBC at that particular moment. That is with the caveat that I had to put up with listening to them report unsubstantiated hear-say from Darren Wilson’s girl friend(not sure about relationship) that, of course, improves Wilson’s image. Wilson is the cop who shot Micheal Brown.

Bottom line is you don’t need a PhD to cover an ongoing story efficiently. In any competitive business, success always comes down to the basics. True, perspective rather than basic reporting is really the specialty of the MSNBC crew at night. But, even though MSNBC kicks ass at big picture concepts and historical perspective, covering events as they unfold is crucial to maintaining and building an audience.

While looking for an image of Shepard Smith I ran across the story of him referring to Robin Williams as a coward hours after the suicide. I was almost ready to despise ole Shep until I read his apology and saw the video of his actual comments. It was a really well said apology and the original comments weren’t that bad. So, I guess I’ll forgive him.

From the New York Daily News:

“To the core of my being, I regret it. It just came out of my mouth. And I’m so sorry. And to anyone and their families who see that, I am sorry.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/fox-news-anchor-shepard-smith-apologizes-calling-robin-williams-coward-article-1.1901071#ixzz3Au7tkgWn

As I close this blog session, it’s 2:20 Am and Shep has Peter Kinder Lieutenant Governor of Missouri crying about the rush to judgement on Darren Wilson. This is in reference to comments made by Jay Nixon Governor of Missouri pushing for “Justice for Micheal Brown”. Even when Shep is trying to sound impartial, he sounds partial.

R. Crosby Lyles

Here is a link to my post of the same story with a few extras at DailyKos:
Giving Shepard Smith a Muted Nod


July 27th, 2014

-Short explanation of the intent of the video in Spanish- and then-
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Major Killing. And, killing is my business. In fact, when it comes to killing, you could say that I am a wholly owned subsidiary of death itself When it comes to war, I ride shotgun next to the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I’m the worst nightmare to America’s enemies and a thorn in the side to peace loving, commie, liberal hippies everywhere. And, I’m here to tell you about a personal hero of mine.

Nobody has done more for the safety and security of this great land by way of killing than Governor of Texas Rich Perry. Rick Perry has killed more people in the name of justice than any other governor in our nation’s history, 234 and counting. As a matter of fact, Texas has legally killed so many people they are changing their nick name from “The Lone Star State “ to “The Hemp Necktie State” and the state motto from “Friendship” to “Texas, play with it boy! It’s loaded!” And, to their credit, the murder rate has come down steadily over the last 18 years in Texas. Though the National Academy of Sciences has said that statistically as many as ten or twelve of those condemned prisoners may have been innocent, the proof is obviously in the pudding, you gotta break a few eggs to make a decent omelet.

Speaking of broken eggs, Governor Perry really put one in the skillet along with his brain back in 2012 during the Presidential primary debates. Recently, he has admitted that his poor performance back then was simply because he was high. Though shocking to some, he is really just embracing the national zeitgeist. Who hasn’t suggested, while they were really stoned, that the world wouldn’t be a better place if our leaders would just get high once in a while. Well folks, Governor Perry is listening, even if he can’t remember half of what you just said. And, he is saddling up once again, to try and take back the reins of this country in 2016. That’s why I’m throwing my support behind Rick Perry for president in 2016. Just image how much we can accomplish with another Texan in the White House who also happens to be really high.

Speaking of being really high, some of my friends in the Tea Party have offered to ride on down to Texas to aid in the armed defense of our country against the latest influx of central American women and children. Now, a lot of these women and children are escaping the wrath of gangs and thugs in Guatemala. What I suggest is instead of stopping in Texas, a bunch of us ride on down to Guatemala and straighten out those gangs and thugs, Dirty Harry style of course. Now let me ask, how many of you are willing to saddle up and ride on down there with me so we can solve this problem at the source? If ya’ll want to get it on, let’s get it on! It’s time to put up, or shut up! It’s not like we haven’t torn some shit up in Central America before.

Meanwhile, we can be teaching those young refugees how to make a Guatemolotov Cocktail! Oh yes, it’s time to arm the toddlers and send them back so that they can aid in the struggle to take back their country! I mean really! You know as well as I do, if a child finds a gun, they’re going to play with it. The only reason they may not be able to shoot very well is because nobody has taken the time to show them how. Just think how much damage an AK47 or an M4 can do in the right toddler’s hands. I get chills just thinking about it.

In case you were wondering, to make a Guatemolotov cocktail, start with some Guaro Tranquilo, throw in a little gasoline, and top it off with a wedge of lime. It’s got a bold taste with a kick like a mule that smells like…victory!

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murder rate


Number of innocent sentenced to death.


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Countries of origin recent influx.


Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras

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July 8th 2014

Some videos I created recently.


June 19th, 2014

More evidence of the changing tide in American Politics
First there is descent on war:
Shepard Smith Gives Hawks A History Lesson

And even

Glen Beck “Not One More…” 180 on Iraq by Ed Schultz

And, on his website the video. Truly stunning, and amazingly, inspiring.

Glen Beck Himself “Not One More..Enough is enough…”

A nice explanation of how modern capitalists are killing the Golden Goose that laid their own prosperity. From




May 19th, 2014


The most widely disseminated possible consequence of Global Warming is a shift in the course of the Gulf Stream that triggers an Ice Age that sweeps suddenly across the Northern Hemisphere with catastrophic affects. Deep ocean currents of fresh water from glacial melt change the salinity and density of sea water in ways that effect the regional thermodynamic fluid flow. Thus, thermal transport currents like the Gulf Stream can change direction rapidly as the whole system moves from one equilibrium state to another. If you have ever seen the smoke streaming up from a cigarette in an ashtray suddenly change direction in a room where the air is very still, you have witnessed this effect in action. The mechanical analog is a long slender object, like a book, standing momentarily on edge before a breeze tips it over. The equilibrium forces can be out of balance for an undetermined period of time before finally reaching the critical stage or “tipping point” were the object falls over. The concern of scientists about an “imbalance” comes from the fact that once the hammer falls, there is no way to stop it. Unfortunately for us, there is a wild card in this mix of thermodynamic fluid forces that we may have no control over.

The most widely disseminated possible consequence of Global Warming is a shift in the course of the Gulf Stream that triggers an Ice Age that sweeps suddenly across the Northern Hemisphere with catastrophic affects. Deep ocean currents of fresh water from glacial melt change the salinity and density of sea water in ways that effect the regional thermodynamic fluid flow. Thus, thermal transport currents like the Gulf Stream can change direction rapidly as the whole system moves from one equilibrium state to another. If you have ever seen the smoke streaming up from a cigarette in an ashtray suddenly change direction in a room where the air is very still, you have witnessed this effect in action. The mechanical analog is a long slender object, like a book, standing momentarily on edge before a breeze tips it over. The equilibrium forces can be out of balance for an undetermined period of time before finally reaching the critical stage or “tipping point” were the object falls over. The concern of scientists about an “imbalance” comes from the fact that once the hammer falls, there is no way to stop it. Unfortunately for us, there is a wild card in this mix of thermodynamic fluid forces that we may have no control over.

The Earth’s magnetic field has weakened and changed polarity many many times over the life span of our planet. It’s called Geomagnetic Reversal. The shortest of these polarity flips is called an excursion and takes at the least two hundred some odd years and will remain flipped for at least 400 years, so it’s not a sudden change that can happen any second. No, it’s a meandering process that involves a slow movement and weakening of the poles. In fact, the process can take as long as ten thousand years and the polarity will remain in that state for as long as a million years. The last time the poles flipped was about 41,000 years ago during the last ice age. Interestingly, the farthest extent of glaciation during that period was 22,000 years ago, or about 19,000 years after this last Geomagnetic polarity change.

In spite of the fact that it is a polar solvent with a magnetic dipole, pure water is diamagnetic and a dielectric. Throw in a few ions like Na+ and Cl- and it acts like a pretty good conductor. When ever a conductor moves in a magnetic field, an electric field forms that produces a counter magnetic field. This is called the Lorentz Force. This force can act like a brake, slowing the momentum or changing the direction of ocean currents. This last statement may seem like a no-brain-er to some, but finding corroboration on the internet could be difficult. In any case, it is an established fact that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and shifting. At the very least, this shift may affect thermal mixing of the oceans. At the most, entire currents like the Gulf Stream may change course in unexpected ways, with unexpected results.

This video by Rafael Gontijo shows how thermal mixing of a ferromagnetic fluid is affected by a magnetic field. Clearly, the oceans are much larger, more complex, and not, strictly speaking, composed of ferromagnetic material. However, this video makes the kind of fluid flow effects easier to see.

Now, the Earth’s magnetic field is small, between 30 micro-Teslas at the Equator and 60 micro-Teslas at the poles. However, this is enough of a field to produce ion separation, electric currents, and therefore measurable opposing magnetic fields in the ocean currents. So, it’s not really much of a stretch to imagine that the momentum of these currents may also be affected. Not only that, but the atmosphere may also be directly affected in the similar ways. The composition and phase of the atmosphere is largely different from the ocean but similar effects of braking and course deflection may be at play.

First, consider that clouds contain ions produced from dissolved Sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, sea-salt, not to mention dissolved Carbon dioxide, and other stuff. So we should expect the same kinds of ion deflection in cloud movement as we see in ocean currents. This basically boils down to faster spinning and more quickly moving storm systems in the absence of a magnetic field. Hurricanes and tornadoes, for example, may become even more severe, and less predictable.

Second, diatomic oxygen is paramagnetic. Meaning that it is slightly attracted to the poles of a magnet. This means that cold air currents flowing south will have more momentum and warm lower pressure north flowing air currents will have less momentum. Bare in mind that high pressure and lower altitude translates in to a higher percentage of oxygen, and thus, more magnetic force per unit volume than higher altitude and lower pressure air masses. Not only that, but the force acts in the same direction as the magnetic field lines, as opposed to the perpendicular force exerted on ocean currents and storm clouds. This dynamic would necessarily lead to heavier rain and snow because it would facilitate the transport of moisture. Frontal boundaries may also become more and more vertical and farther reaching. It is this far reaching north south moisture transport, I believe, that may responsible for creating an ice age.

John Holdren, Science Adviser to President Obama has several videos on The Daily Conversation channel of YouTube that explains the consequences of Global Climate Change. “The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 Minute” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eDTzV6a9F4 shows how the polar vortex weakens and becomes more jagged with deeper excursions of cold air south and warm air north. This means more extreme rain, snow, and drought events in the northern hemisphere. We can only imagine that the effect of a weaker magnetic field will only exacerbate the problem. The question is, will any of this lead to a new ice age? And, is there a relationship between changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and glacial periods? It may only be a coincidence that the last magnetic field flip occurred right in the middle of our last glacial period. Our climate is effected by a vast matrix of forces. It goes without saying that the big picture needs a lot of well trained eyes to interpret it. Let’s just hope that we have the will to turn that knowledge into action.

My name is R. Crosby Lyles.

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Here is an interesting theory about how magnetic fields are generated on the daily mail:



Magneto hydrodynamics:





Search key words (gulf stream moves south)

Scientists uncover diversion of Gulf Stream path in late 2011


NASA image of Atlantic current flowhttp://www.giss.nasa.gov/research/news/20040812/04_oceanbehavior_nacirc_m.jpg



Animation of flow


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Is the Gulf stream moving:


BBC on climate change and the GS


GS moves north in 2011



Gaurdian measured slowdown of current from africa feeding lower GS.


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Pole shift map


Pole shift accelleration over time



Interesting article about chelating molecules used to make magnetic materials.


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Separation of gaseous materials using a magnetic field. Called”Open Gradient Magnetic



Magnetic effect of ocean flow – map of magnetic field variations in ocean



Ocean circulation generated magnetic signals


Major water transport of oceans and magnetic field -Vivier et al 2004 Through the Drake Passage

Effect of Drake Passage on the global thermohaline circulation (southern hemisphere)


John Holdren science advisor to President Obama “The Polar Vortex explained in 2 minutes”

These fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic field are known as secular variation.


Thermomagnetic convection

Mr. Temme convection demo with red food coloring


Bad astronomer channel–stand egg on end

Nekoosa Water Tower Drop









Cloud ions


corielis effect



Global air circulation



heavy rain and snow flooding


big wave




Dark ice




As if things couldn’t get any worse for the recovery efforts of Flight MH370. From the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System, Severe Tropical Cyclone Gillian is now bearing down on the area.

See Link to GDACS for details:





MH370 mystery solved? The following is a theory by R. Crosby Lyles first published at DailyKos on March 20th, 2014 of a possible location of the missing plane and a why it would follow the trajectory suggested by satellite ping data.

THU MAR 20, 2014 AT 01:38 AM EDT

MH370 , A Hunch About Location

Tonight on MSNBC they said that there was a new search opening up about a thousand miles South West of Perth Austrailia, but without much explanation. My thinking is that if this plane had recently flown to coco (Keeling)Island, which there may not actually be direct(note: I formerly stated that there definitely was)  Malaysia Air service to that Island, then perhaps somehow, in the midst of an unforeseen calamity, a previous way point to that island might have been activated.
Yes, but what if the pilot tried to enter an abort flight path but passed out and inadvertently activated a way point still in the computer from a previous flight(Keeling Island)?In the Keeling Island scenario, with everyone on the plane dead from asphyxiation
would the plane continue on that heading past Keeling Island until it ran out of fuel or would it circle back around? This is a question for the experts.  If this is the case, then the map above shows a line 2,200 miles long(range of aircraft) south across Keeling Island from Pulau Langkawi. There is also a 1000 mile long line running do west of Perth. The intersection of these two lines are marked along with coordinates
Lat  30°28’8.08″S
Long 93°56’17.77″E
in the above image. I don’t know how much error is involved with Google Earth lines and Coordinates, but it looks as though this Keeling Island flight path is kind of in the same probability region as that suggested by the angle and time of the signal received by the satellite.It’s a guess that has been on my mind all day, and when I saw that they had modified the search to include the area South West of Perth, I figured I might be on to something. I write this with a heavy heart and a prayer for all of the families of the people waiting for good news about their loved ones that were on that flight.


Wed Mar 19, 2014 at 11:05 PM PT: ABC News on changing search pattern.

Does the computer require a way point, even an arbitrary one, in order for the plane to fly? Could the pilot have entered an arbitrary destination from a menu of known stops that was sufficiently far away to ensure the plane would never be found?

March 23rd, 2014

Tantalizing confirmation of my theory above…

From news.com.au

“As Australia takes charge of the southern sector search for the missing jet, they are seeking the possible location of a satellite “ping” that came from the airliner some seven hours after it went missing off civilian radar.
If the jet took the southerly route — rather than the other possibility, of flying northwest towards Kazakhstan — it likely crossed somewhere over the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, 2770 kilometers northwest of Perth, before heading on towards Heard Island.
‘No, there’s nothing happening here at all,’ said a Cocos resident who preferred not to give her name.”

The tip of the most southerly red line is the location of the current search for debris. The importance of my argument is that searchers could use Keeling Island as a reference point for dragging grid patterns with hydrophones to pick up the pings of the black boxes. This might be a job for treasure hunters based out of Australia that may have appropriate equipment and can do it without getting in the way.  Weather is obviously the biggest concern.

Again, the North-South Red Line on the map below shows a line 2,200 miles long(range of aircraft) south across Keeling Island from Pulau Langkawi.

current search

See the full story here:



I’m a small time video blogger and my YouTube channel is a little schlocky. So, trust me, I don’t imagine that I’m really on anybody’s radar/shit-list that matters. But, I find it interesting that out of all my schlocky videos this one suddenly stops playing. It might just be a technical glitch. If not, one of you heavy-weight investigators out there who have already been way down the rabbit-hole might find a clue about something in this video. It might be some small connection that I wasn’t even trying to make. Here is the re-uploaded video.

Scroll down this page for the Transcript or go to either of these two links:

Did I Strike A Nerve

And, here:

Debt Limit Land Grab
February 13th 2014
Red-light Job killers
Everybody hates traffic cameras, you hate em, I hate em, everybody hates them. No one likes the Idea of the government keeping tabs on us in any area of our lives, period.

The headline in the Local and State section of the “Gainesville Sun” from February 11th 2014 reads “Crashes rise at red-light camera spots, report shows.” But, that headline is somewhat misleading. True, according to a report by the Legislator’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Governmental Accountability(OPPAGA) total crashes were up 12% and of that 12%, side angle crashes were up 22% and rear end collisions were up 35%. However, The report also says that fatalities at those intersections are down 49% and side-swipe accidents are down 84%.

The Florida Senate Transportation Chairman Jeff Brandes a Republican from St. Petersburg would like to seize on that slight up-tick of total accidents at these camera equipped traffic lights in order to pass legislation to get rid of the cameras. His beef is not with any threat to safety, but with the revenue these cameras generate in fines. Fines have increased 200% since 2010 and have sent between $56million and $119 million dollars to state and local governments in the last budget year alone. To hear Rep. Frank Artiles a Republican from Miami tell it “The red-light camera program really boils down to local governments profiteering and balancing their budgets on the backs of hard-working Floridians…”

By his choice of words, Representative Artiles has admitted to us what is really going on. The companies that operate these red-light cameras make between $4,250 and $4,750 a month for each camera. This is according to the “Gainesville Sun” with Lloyd Dunkelberger of Halifax Media Services reporting and it’s not really clear whether that is per camera which might be as many as four cameras an intersection or per intersection. Regardless, the important thing is that Representative Artiles never mentioned the profits of the Camera companies. Though 8 out of ten municipalities reported a net gain from these cameras, 16% of them had trouble making enough money to pay the camera vendors.

Lets be clear, the camera vendors get paid no matter what, and the legislation they want to pass doesn’t seem to be directed at the amount of money these camera vendors get. Instead, the House Transportation and Highway Safety Subcommittee has passed a bill that will not only prevent more cameras from being installed but will sharply reduce the amount of revenue the municipalities can get from the cameras. Municipalities will be able to “levy a ‘surcharge’ that would let them recoup ‘administrative costs’ as well as pay their contractual obligations to the red-light camera companies that operate the systems.” Basically, what they are doing is cutting the small municipal governments out of the cash flow. So then, when you pay a fine for running a red light, most of the money you will be paying goes to the camera company and not the city that you live in.

Why would two Republican legislators want to throttle back cash flow to small municipal governments? If they really cared about the government raising money ”on the backs of hard-working Floridians” why don’t they get rid of the lottery, or “pay to stay” for prisoners? The lottery and “pay to stay” are enormous burdens for poor working people. Running red lights is against the law, and fatalities are coming down as a result of the cameras, so there is no clear moral argument for getting rid of them. Accept that most people don’t like them.

Municipal governments can’t horde their cash, they can’t invest it in the stock market, or anything like that. They have to spend it. And, there is only so much a city can buy. A lot of that money is going to pay for the labor needed to make what ever upgrades and repairs a city can afford. In short, the cash flow from those red-light cameras creates much needed jobs. And, it appears as though Representative Artiles and Senator Brandes are either unaware of that fact or they simply don’t care. Any legislation designed to cut cash flow to municipalities is really cutting jobs for the same hard-working Floridians these two lawmakers claim they really care about. In any case, let’s hope these two men are being guided by the needs of Floridians and not the national politics of the Republican party.

By R.Crosby Lyles



Jan 22nd, 2014

How do I set this up? Packaging? Experimentation? Comedy?

You tell me.

Link to Harvard study mentioned above:



December 21st, 2013

A method I developed for stopping a nuclear meltdown.

Inspired by rumors about the critical state of the Fukushima reactors.
Transcript and sources:
(I am not seeking a patent, a grant, or self promotion related to this material)
The following is offered as a possible method to slow the reaction and movement of corium in a reactor meltdown event. The terrain and subsequent possible pathways of molten corium down through the Fukushima containment building are complex. This method uses the similar physical attributes of round Lead beads(flowing in an aqueous mixture) to that of molten Uranium (flowing) in an aqueous mixture to deliver the beads to the same general location as the escaping corium. Beads of Borosilicate or some other more or less soluble Boron compound can be delivered by the same means as both an abrasive against the molten uranium and a neutron absorber.

The coolant water around the molten corium will be vaporizing explosively as the lead beads are introduced. Initially, the mixture of Lead and Borosilicate beads will be carried to the corium by convection. Because of the greater inertia and potential high velocity of the lead beads rushing in, we might expect small chunks of uranium to be knocked loose and carried away with the laminar flow of water. This action may do the work of breaking up the entire mass of the corium and distributing it broadly into a heterogeneous mixture of lead, uranium, and Borosilicate particles. As the corium is broken up the fission reaction slows down. Until some small portion of the corium might be left beneath a blanket of Lead, Borosilicate. and Uranium particles.

At this point, the heat of the reacting Uranium may eventually melt the Lead beads directly around it creating a molten pool of Lead over the molten uranium. Because of its low melting point, Lead should boil vigorously. The robust action between the hard Borosilicate carrying Lead and the Uranium at their boundary may separate particles of uranium even more and distribute it throughout the molten lead mixture. This continued erosion and mixing of the uranium into the mass of molten Lead may lower its concentration and slow its fissile reaction. All of this takes place while coolant water continues to flow, although at perhaps a slower pace.

If the reaction is slowed enough, the cooling Lead may harden up reducing the need for the circulation of coolant water and significantly reducing the need for the storage of contaminated coolant. Not only that, but as molten lead and Lead particles find there way into cracks and crevices of the containment structure and cools, they may also plug water leaks in the structure.

Potential problems concern the kinetics of molten metal in an aqueous mixture. Because of its higher density, will the molten uranium mix with the molten Lead? Will the molten lead act as a blanket directing even more heat at the floor of the containment structure increasing the likelihood of a breach? Or, because of the much lower boiling point of water, will the action of boiling Lead create explosions of Lead-bound steam at their boundary layer? Even small explosions under water can create tremendous shocks to the structure that might be problematic.
Rumors about the critical state of the Fukushima reactors as late as this December 2013 prompted this open offer of a solution. I am not seeking grant money, a patent, or self promotion. If the rumors are false and the Fukushima reactors are indeed in a state of cold shutdown, then obviously there is no need for such an untested method.










October 27th 2013

In my opinion, this is no failure. The Russians have secretly worked on chemical and biological weapons and delivery systems off and on for decades. At first blush, this looks to me like an aerosol dispersal system for either a biological, or chemical weapon. Alternatively, it could be a fuel dispersal system for a Fuel-Air bomb. If it was a failed ICBM why was it not explosively terminated? Most guidance errors are not allowed to continue until a missile runs out of fuel.

As proof, the hole you see opening is caused by the system running out of aerosol and the high pressure gas used to expel said aerosol continuing to eject. The force of the propellant gas blows the expelled aerosol away forming what looks like a hole in space. The blue color is burned rocket fuel and the white is the (benign?) test aerosol. Little green men are almost always a cover story for some kind of practical secret military test.



Get a load of this! Bernie Sanders validating today the basics of what I said in the two posts below. Thank you Senator Sanders for standing up for America.

October 13th, 2013
Note: this video url stopped working


Here is the re-load

The Real Story Behind the Debt Ceiling Stand-Off:
Sorry folks, this is a transcript of me speaking and it reads like shit. This is partly because I am going for a more pedestrian appeal in the video. I also wanted to get these ideas in circulation soon, as the hour of our debt ceiling draws near.The transcript is included for clarity and also includes a transcript of the entire Fox News segment titled “Growing support for fed govt to sell assets to pay down debt.”

It’s October 13th, 2013, my name is R.Crosby Lyles and this is “News from the can.”

The New York Times just published an article, “Tax Filings Hint At Koch Brothers’ Reach”

This is by Nicholas Confessore (spelled out)

There has been a lot of talk about this…lately… um

and I am here to tell you that the fight over Obama Care

this push for default, shut down of the government, fight over Obama care

has nothing to do with health care reform and everything to do with

the acquisition of federal lands by the Koch brothers.

That’s what this is all about and it’s not about anything else.

I mean… there are some larger issues.

Basically in a nutshell this is end-game, this political end-game.

The push for default is about sticking a dagger into the heart of the federal

government. ya know…Once we have gone past the precipice of default, then interest

rates go up and all these crazy things happen that basically push the federal

government towards bankruptcy. And, once the federal government is bankrupt, then

they(the government) don’t have any money to do any sort of policing. That(this)

basically gets rid  of the arch enemies(regulatory agencies)of the Koch brothers…

They own Georgia Pacific. They own another company called Invista which is the

largest chemical fiber company(manufacturer) in the world.  And, they are also into

energy and all these other things(energy related businesses.) So their business

interests are at odds with the regulatory agencies of the federal government, and

they(the Koch brothers) would like nothing better than to get rid of them(the federal

agencies.) And, if you listen to people like Michele Bachmann…I mean the Tea Party

people (have) come right out and said (that)(they) want to get rid of the EPA, (they)

want to get rid of OSHA, you know… they want to get rid of the federal government.-

Aw(because) there is just too much regulation…

The concept of a grassroots TeaParty is a misnomer because the Tea Party is a

wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Enterprises. That’s what this article in the New York

Times basically said. We’ve also heard the Tea Party float this other idea and actually

it’s been floated on Fox News and that is the idea of selling government assets to pay

for the national debt. Watch this:

Video clip of Foxnews.com titled”Growing support for fed govt to sell assets to pay down debt” from
“Happening Now” with Jon Scott and Jenna Lee.( This is a transcript of the whole piece. I only used Parts of this in the video for the sake of brevity.)

[Jon Scott: “There is growing support for the federal government to sell off billions of dollars worth of its property to pay down our ballooning national debt. Unused buildings, land, and, other assets could fetch billions perhaps even trillions on the open market. What do you think of that idea? William La Jeunesse live in Los Angelese with more on this…”

William La Jeunesse:”Well Jon why not have a massive Garage sale? That’s what families do when they need money. In fact the Tax Foundation called selling unused assets and empty buildings one of the least worst options for raising cash…(edited by me forbrevity)…From state owned businesses like Amtrack to vacant buildings like these in California, is it time for the federal government to sell what it doesn’t need?”

Myron Bell, Competitive Enterprise INS: “So, instead of raising taxes, which takes money out of the economy, and lowers economic activity, we aught to be looking at selling federal assets…

William La Jeunesse:”…Like the empty V.A. hospital in Los Angeles fpr five Billion or parts of this waterfront former military base in San Fransisco. In both cases politicians said no.”

Lurita Doan, former GSA Administrator:” A congressman is representing his district, a Senator is or her state and so they want to make sure that they are taken care of and sometimes that may get in the way of what’s best for the nation.”

William La Jeunesse:”The federal government is also America’s biggest landlord. Selling just 20% of it’s  empty or under performing buildings would save two billion dollars.”

Lurita Doan:”You go through your garage, you clear it out, and the government is no different. The scale is what we’re talking…it’s just a matter of scale.”

William La Jeunesse:” The feds also refuse to sell valuable public land adjacent to fast growing cities. And, let mining take billions in gold and silver for free without charging royalties like we do for oil and natural gas. Selling Amtrack could net 60 billion. Two taxpayer owned utilities, the Tennessee valley authority and Bonneville Power would bring in even more. A commission could oversee the sale to overcome partisan opposition.”

Myron Bell, Competitive Enterprise INS:”The commission could look at all of the federal assets, decide which were the most valuable, which could be sold with the least loss to the common good.

William La Jeunesse:”Now, the federal government already owns about 28% of all the land in the U.S.,about 500 billion in mineral rights that we give away. We have trillions in oil reserves Jon that we refuse to pump. So, Yes a yard sale could help to bring down the national debt but re-use, recycle, re-sell are not words you often hear on capital hill.”

Jon Scott:”Yea, that doesn’t seem to happen very often. William La Jeunesse in Los Angeles for us. Thank You.”  ]

Okay, now here is the deal…Koch industries is the second largest privately held

corporation in the United states. That means they are not publicly traded. They have

themselves positioned so that they can weather these storms that they create. If they

are properly positioned in terms of T-Bills that they have, in other words, if they own

enough federal debt, (and)if they push the federal government towards default, when

the government goes into default, they can demand payment. And, they can call the

terms on how they get payed back. And, they can basically wheel

and deal to get these assets that they want. Which, is probably federal land that

has…(resources that they want underneath) whether it’s gold, or the trees/the lumber, oil…you name it.

Now here (are) a couple of ideas. By 2020 the United states is going to be the top

producer of oil in the world. we’ve got more natural gas than you can possibly imagine,

trillions and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas, all under our feet. And, it’s all under

the contiguous 48 United States. It ain’t out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

Although we’ve got pleanty of…(oil) out there and we’ve got plenty of oil in Alaska. I’m

talking about right under your feet, right now. Under the 48 contiguous united states

there is more oil than two Saudi Arabias. We’ve got more oil than OPEC right under your

feet, right now. But, You’ve got to use fracking to get it.

And, You’ve got to do all these different things(to process that oil.) Right?

The other thing too is if you want to get at that oil, it might also be helpful to drive

down the price of real estate. That’s what all of these things(deregulation) do.

Everything(deregulation) from the bush administration to now…actually

everything(deregulation) since the Reagan  Administration. But it(deregulation) got

more hot and heavy since the Bush administration. (Note: is this some terrible english, or what?)

And, we see this latest push…this drive towards default is driven by the Koch Brothers.

And, like I said…the objective is to thrust a knife into the heart of the federal

government. Because, realize also that the federal government is the engine of

prosperity for most of us. If…the wealth was not redistributed by the federal

government just simply doing things like repairing the infrastructure. if we didn’t have

that(apparatus of redistribution) then the United  States would basically become like a

third world country. We would become like and are turning into a banana republic and

that is what they want. Where they run things. The federal government

doesn’t run anything any more, they( the Koch Brothers) run it. They become the

emperors. The Koch Brothers become the emperors of the United States. They can buy

and sell human life. That’s the objective and it ain’t about anything…(else).

They don’t give a rats ass about Obama Care. Why would they? they Hired Edwin

Meese to run this operation that they have going to push the government towards

default. And, Edwin Meese is a Ronald Reagan Fellow of the Heritage Foundation. Why

would Edwin Meese, a Ronald Reagan Fellow of The heritage Foundation want to defeat

Obama Care when Obama Care was developed by the Heritage

Foundation? Why would they want to defeat their own idea? Why would they, you

know, defeat their own plan? It doesn’t make any sense until you realise that they

really just don’t give a rats ass about health care or you…-Chuckle-

It’s about cheap labor, having pleanty of hands to go out there and work those

oilfields. It’s about driving down the cost of labor, driving down the cost of real estate.

It’s about acquiring federal lands so that they can drill or…you know…you saw the

piece where they make a big deal out of…(the fact that) these(particular) companies

are able to mine gold on federal lands and they don’t have to pay any royalties for it. It

sounds to me like somebody wants to get paid royalties for that. They want to go in

and buy those lands and then say, hey guys guess what? now you gotta pay us a

royalty. So…listen, the plot is thick. It’s thick. And, that’s all I got.

My name is R. Crosby Lyles. Thanks for watching. See Ya.

Slide text: “News from the can” written and produced by R.Crosby Lyles.
Slide text:”Transcript available at RichLyles.com
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Sept. 2nd, 2013

Vince Gilligan’s Island
Vince Gilligans Island

I had serious misgivings about about doing this silly mash up until I really started thinking about it. The relationship between the Skipper and Gilligan was probably not as central to the story line of Gilligan’s Island as the relationship between Jesse and Walt is to “Breaking Bad.”  Gilligan was an immutable force against any of the other players on that show. Vince Gilligan’s Jesse and Walt, however, have such a turgid, tumultuous, and unpredictable relationship that it has become central to “Breaking Bad.”

It seems somehow sacrilegious to equate Walt and Jesse with The Skipper and Gilligan but the truth is their relationships are very similar.  Both the Skipper and Walt are imperfect mentor father figures to younger unrelated screw-ups. It is not an accident that “Gilligan’s Island” was the longest continuously running  syndicated program in history and that “Breaking Bad” is considered by many to be the best television series ever made. The Big dog-Little dog relationship is central to human experience. Virtually everyone can relate and sympathize with both sides of this dynamic, but not very many creators get this dynamic right.

It is a fluid paradigm that changes over time. It is at once tender and contentious. The Flow of wisdom is not always from old to young. Back and forth, teacher and student learn the lessons they must from their respective vantage points together. Alone, their development is less robust. They challenge each other and earn each other’s respect until one day the student goes out on his own. This is the story of life. Who could not possibly relate? Just look at other very popular works like “Star Wars” and, “The Karate Kid.”  Obviously, Obi-wan Kenobi  and Mr. Miyagi are ideal role models, whereas the Skipper and Walt are more frail and probably comport more readily with most people’s experience. Even though the stated purpose of “breaking Bad” was to highlight the consequences of our bad decisions as they relate to our human frailty, the unplanned development of this ongoing father/son story line has yielded an addiction that is perhaps harder to break than might have been otherwise.  Hats way off to Vince Gilligan, Gennifer Hutchison, Sam Catlin, George Mastras, Peter Gould, J. Roberts, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and the entire cast and crew of “Breaking Bad” for allowing such a great story to manifest itself.

By R. Crosby Lyles

Image Photo shopped by R. Crosby Lyles. Use it as you like.




This is a theory about electron motion that I have had for almost twenty years. It is unlisted because I felt like my unscripted delivery came off a little arrogant. I made the video for self motivation so that I would have to be accountable to my ideas. There is an enormous amount of material that I need to review before I can make any kind of real cogent analysis.  I guess I am looking for some kind of validation about my main premise regarding electron trajectory.  All comments are welcome.



June 25th, 2013

Here is yesterdays episode of my brother’s pod-cast. “Is Paula Deen a Racist?”


June 11th, 2013

“Deadly Uranium” A News from the can Special Report
by R. Crosby Lyles



[Text slide: Warning: the images displayed here are extremely graphic and are not intended for young children.]
[Text slide: Images of the dead are respectfully displayed for the purposes of seeking truth and justice, and not for entertainment.]

It all started when I saw an installment of “Vice” on HBO titled “Toxic Iraq” about birth defects in southern Iraq. Vice interviewed Representative Jim McDermott of the 7th congressional district out of Seattle about his efforts to shed light on a rise in both cancer and birth defect rates in southern Iraq after the most recent war there. By the way, Jim McDermott is a physician and according to him a scientist who during the Vietnam war witnessed Pentagon denials about the now well known adverse health effects and birth defects associated with Agent Orange.

Rep McDermott said that he went to the CDC to try to get them to at least gather more information about depleted uranium, and he got Defense authorization Bill HR5122 passed that was supposed to authorize a study(SEC. 716 Study of health Effects of Exposure to Depleted Uranium) that was to be completed in a year. The result was a two page report that said this,”there is inadequate/insufficient evidence to determine whether an association exists between exposure to Uranium and depleted uranium and any adverse health outcome.”

[image of Bullshit!]

First of all, we have known for over a century that uranium and many of the decay products of uranium are extremely dangerous in quantity. Notwithstanding the long half life of DU(uranium 238), you will recognize Polonium a daughter isotope of uranium used to poison Alexander Litvinenko [image(may he rest in peace)] a Russian defector who was a journalist critical of Vladimir Putin back in 2006. And, let’s not forget Radon gas a common decay product of Uranium that has caused lung cancer in pets and basement dwellers around the world since the beginning of time. The Uranium decay chain takes many steps until a stable daughter isotope is found. That means that if Uranium is in your body, your insides are blasted with alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays many different times until the final stable daughter isotope is found. But that’s not all. Heavy metals in this particular location of the periodic table may have a tendency to also be highly chemically mutagenic. That means that their chemical properties may cause birth defects and cancer.

Okay, I’m personally going on a limb here by stating, without formal proof, my theory that you can readily equate the toxicity and mutagenicity of Hexa-Valent Chromium to the Hexa-Valent chemical species of Uranium. Granted, Uranium is part of the Actinide series of elements. Which, means that instead of having four D orbital electrons in its valence shell  it has four F orbital electrons. Note here that D orbitals and F orbitals (can) have a very similar shape and relative position about the atomic nucleus. ( In this particular case, considering that both elements are only four electrons above the last filled S-orbital, and recognizing the consequences of the much larger atomic mass and diameter of Uranium. ) And, if we were to treat Uranium as a typical transition metal a little higher in the Periodic Table, it would be in the same column as Chromium. [Text slide: elements are organized by similar chemical behavior in columns] Without disputing the substance of these superficial observations, however, it seems to me that heavy elements like Uranium have so many different ionization states and so many different possible intermediate chemical species that it is impossible for anyone to predict a particular biochemical reaction, benign or otherwise.

Now to be fair, U238 is considered weakly radioactive. On the other hand Reactor fuel (u235) is radioactive enough to cause a chain reaction. This is an important distinction because U235 with a half life of less than a quarter of u238 does not have to be ingested to be deadly to human habitation where as U238 must be physically consumed to be harmful. Ninety nine percent of naturally occurring Uranium is U238 and it is very common in the soil, air, and water all over the world. It is common enough that all of us have some amount of uranium in our bodies at all times. Exposure only becomes a readily observable problem when larger than normal mounts are ingested.

The vectors for possible ingestion of DU are where most of the blurriness in the narrative exists. The arguments over routes of ingestion center on things like the solubilitys of different oxidation states of uranium and how long the metal stays in the body after it is ingested. The Urinous or plus 4 state is insoluble and thought to pass through the intestines without largely entering the blood stream but may lodge in the lungs and potentially stay there for years before finally being absorbed. The urnalyl or plus 2 state is considered soluble but in many cases we are lead to believe that it passes through the kidneys and out of the body fairly rapidly. Though chemically damaging to internal organs, it is believed that half of the uranium ingested passes from the body within about 15 days.

Several government agency documents have discussed the fact that Uranium is pyrophoric which means that it spontaneously bursts into flame when exposed to oxygen and water. This is one of the reasons it makes such a nasty weapon. When a DU round hits its target the impact force atomizes the uranium and it spontaneously bursts into flame sucking all of the air out of the space that it hits and suffocating its victims as it burns them up. I was fascinated to learn that a metal like uranium actually burns in air. But, when I saw the statement in one of these government reports that uranium oxide was the main reaction product you get when you burn it, I became somewhat skeptical. My experience with chemistry in college told me that something might be wrong.

One of the unfortunate facts of life that most mechanical engineers become intimately familiar with is that of incomplete burning in internal combustion engines. Almost eighty percent of air is nitrogen and when you burn anything in air you almost always get nitrogen oxides from incomplete burning. This fact lead me to wonder what the nitrates of uranium are like. So I looked it up.

Prior to the use of Silver Halides, Uranyl N itrate was originally used as a photosensitive salt in photographic processes in the 1800’s. It is also used as “a negative stain for viruses in electron microscopy; in tissue samples it stabilizes nucleic acids and cell membranes.”(Wikipedia) Let me say that again. “in tissue samples it stabilizes nucleic acids and cell membranes.” Can we infer from the word “stabilize” that this uranium salt stays there for a while.
But, here is the clincher:

-I hope you will forgive me for quoting right from Wikipedia but this is what it says. Quote.-

“Uranyl nitrate is an oxidizing and highly toxic compound and should not be ingested; it causes severe renal insufficiency and acute tubular necrosis and is a lymphocyte mitogen. Target organs include the kidneys, liver, lungs and brain.”(Wikipedia)

[text slide: Though considered pedestrian by some, I reference Wikipedia out of appreciation for its utility.]

To be fair once again, Uranyl nitrate is not a stable compound. It “represents a severe fire and explosion risk when heated or subjected to shock in contact with oxidizable substances.”(wiki) Not only that, but exposure to ultra violet radiation causes it to reduce to the insoluble Uranium (IV) oxidation state. This means that in the sunlight uranyl nitrate will probably degrade rapidly. Incomplete burning however is, to me, still an open question.

The thing about incomplete burning and uranyl nitrate as a vector for human internal contamination is that we would expect more aircraft weapons specialists, and tank gunners to have symptoms of exposure. This is because Depleted uranium munitions are propelled by burning gunpowder or essentially burning nitrates. When you look at a cross-section of a Penetrator tank round it looks like the spear-like-bullet is literally encased in gun powder. One might expect that the explosive heat and force of that gunpowder pushing the round out of the barrel would erode and burn at least some of the DU in that environment. If so this might leave a uranium residue on the shell casings, the cannons themselves, or the enclosed pods of an aircraft that house rotary guns. And, what about the people handling the spent shell casings? Is there any uranium residue left over in the empty shells?

This brings to mind all of the claims that Gulf War Syndrome was caused by depleted uranium. And, originally this installment was going to have a treatment on Gulf War Syndrome, however, there is too much information(to fit gainfully in this piece) and not enough conclusive data to make a direct correlation between Gulf War Syndrome and Depleted Uranium. In order to do the subject justice, I would have to write a book. Short of that, you can see my findings on Gulf War Syndrome in my next installment.

[Text slide: see what I cut from here…]

As far as depleted uranium exposure causing birth defects in southern Iraq is concerned the question of how the people were exposed comes to mind. Most people think of the conventional war that was fought there and all of the destroyed military vehicles left behind. The theory is that people who scavenge scrap became contaminated by harvesting metal from these vast vehicle bone yards.

[Text slide of an ellipsis followed by a cash register  sound and a text dollar sign]

In terms of depleted uranium scrap, if you take in the potential value of Depleted uranium at Nine Dollars a gram.

[Two text slides showing weights and possible scrap prices of DU projectiles]

That would mean that a Twenty mili-meter cannon round weighs 180 grams, that’s $1,620.00 each, for each bullet. (Assumed to mean without the shell casing)

For a Twenty Five mili-meter cannon round, that’s 200 grams for $1,800.00 each, for each bullet. (Assumed to mean without the shell casing)

Thirty mili-meter cannon round, 280 grams a piece, that’s $2520.00 a piece.(Assumed to mean without the shell casing)

Now, if you should happen to be lucky enough to find a 105 mili-meter penetrator round weighing 3.5 kilo-grams(3,500 grams) that’s $31,000! If you were able to find a complete penetrator round(meaning just the projectile not including the charge packed shell casing)

Then of course you have the 120 mili-meter penetrator round. if you should happened to find one of those, intact, at 4.5 kilo-grams. That’s $40,500.00 a piece.( Again, just the projectile, the word “intact” is stressed because one would expect these projectiles to get broken up once they are fired. We assume that any fully intact munitions would be long gone by the end of the battle )

think about that in terms of how much money we are spending for war.

[ Cash register sound with Text slide of a Dollar sign followed by an  ellipsis]


But there may be a darker reason for the purported exposure in Falluja.

Falluja was the scene of three of the fiercest battles of the most recent Iraq war. Insurgent forces numbered in the thousands. They had built tunnels, spider holes, trenches, battlements of various types within homes and mosques, and they had even bricked up stairways leading to roof tops so that American snipers could not get into position. The fighting was so intense at times that US forces on occasion resorted to using white phosphorous munitions on spider holes and other difficult to reach insurgent positions. Some of those battlements were constructed inside homes and mosques. The question is if the US forces were frustrated enough to use White Phosphorous what else did they use?

It is known that penetrator anti tank weapons are also useful against buildings. The DU penetrator projectile fractures, atomizes, and burns on impact. The resulting combination of inertial force and fire are compounded by the fact that the depleted uranium burns up all of the available oxygen causing the enemy to suffocate. This horrific effect is what has caused some people to suggest that DU should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction. Whatever the case these weapons should probably not be used on civilians or on structures that will once again be used as dwellings.

This brings us to the following clips from a documentary by Sigfrido Ranucci titled “Falluja The Hidden Massacre” with comments made by journalist Giuliana Sgrena of “Il manefesto” an Italian newspaper.

[[[(“Hidden massacre” comments by Giuliana Sgrena)

Male reporter: “Did you gather any particular information about Falluja?”

Giuliana Sgrena(through interpreter): “Not only in Falluja, I had heard stories from the inhabitants about the use of certain weapons like Nepalm in Bagdad during the Battle at the airport in April 2003. And then, I had collected just before going to interview the city refugees testimonies of other inhabitants of Falluja about the use of Guns and White Phosphorous. In particular, some women had tried to enter their homes and they had found a certain dust spread all over the house. The Americans themselves had told them to clean their houses with detergents because that dust was very dangerous. In fact, they had some effect on their bodies, leaving some very strange things. I would have liked to interview those persons but unfortunately my kidnappers ,who said to be part of Falluja’s resistance, have forbidden me to tell what I had known about Faklluja by kidnapping me.”(probably not a good translation)]]]

What is interesting here are her comments about us soldiers coming into Iraqi homes and warning the people that they needed to clean up dust left from the battle and that the dust was very dangerous. These comments were made back in 2006 verified by the upload date (of Dec 23rd, 2006) for the video. The video goes on to show victims of what they thought was white phosphorous. Let me warn you that the following images are unpleasant to look at, but it is necessary to illustrate my belief that these people were killed not by white phosphorus, or any other incendiary, but by Depleted uranium penetrator rounds.

[[[ (More “Hidden Massacre” comments by reporter )

Translation of man with his son: “This is my son after the bombing of( probably means by) the Americans in April. His body started to change, his skull has grown…

Reporter:” Dr. Hamid Hadid(may be misspelled) and his team were given US authorization to enter Falluja with the unenviable task of identifying and burring the dead. The bodies of the civilian casualties of women still clutching the (Misbaha) an Islamic Rosary. Their bodies showing strange injuries, some burned to the bone, others with skin hanging from their flesh. There is no sign of bullet wounds. The faces have literally melted away, just like other parts of the body. The clothes are strangely intact. and so it is easier to distinguish the insurgents who are wearing bullet proof jackets from combatants and civilians.”]]]

What makes White phosphorous such a nasty weapon is that it breaks into small pieces that stick to the skin of the victim and cannot be extinguished until it burns its way far enough into the body that it runs out of air. In essence, WP makes nasty unmistakable holes in its victims. The bodies of the women shown here with their heads and hands burned in a very specific even pattern show no signs of holes.

[[[More “Hidden Massacre” comments by reporter:

“The clothes are strangely intact and so it is easier to distinguish the insurgents who are wearing bullet proof jackets from combatants and civilians. Some animals are also dead without any apparent injury.” ]]]

The fact that the bodies are not totally burned up is evidence that the fire ran out of air to breath. This pattern is indicative of a depleted uranium weapon in use. The purported admonishment of the soldiers to the civilians in Falluja to clean up a dangerous dust in light of this is interesting.

At this point, you have to take Giuliana Sgrena’s word for it on the dust. However these images of burn patterns on the deceased can at least be dated to 2006. If depleted uranium weapons were used, anyone coming home to a house destroyed by them and digging through the rubble with their hands to find their loved ones and belongings would certainly have been exposed to depleted uranium. And, almost certainly without expert uranium abatement, significant contamination would remain for the foreseeable future.

Though the use of depleted uranium weapons on civilian structures during the battles with insurgents at Falluja is highly plausible, I have not proved it here. In order to make that case, there has to be either documentation of the use of these weapons there or a trustworthy catalog of radioactive hot spots in civilian areas of Falluja. My aim in this installment is merely to inject some common sense objectivity to claims by anyone that Depleted uranium is not harmful. On the face of it Uranium and many of its decay products are well known to be harmful to humans. Having said that, I do not want to aid anyone making false claims about contamination for personal or political gain, which is a distinct possibility. For the sake of the reputation of the United States and all of the children born in Iraq going forward, a thorough study should be made of the extent of contamination, clean up efforts should be made, and reparations for damages paid.

(Thanks to Representative Jim McDermott of the Seventh district of Seattle Washington for your efforts at finding truth and justice for the innocent children of Iraq.)

[News from the can and R. Crosby Lyles are not affiliated with Rep. Jim McDermott, HBO, or “Vice”]

[The opinions expressed here are strictly those of the author R. Crosby Lyles]

[“Deadly Uranium” A News from the can Special Report written, directed, and produced by R.Crosby Lyles]

[It is considered pedestrian by some writers to reference Wikipedia. I reference Wikipedia because I am grateful that it exists.]
[Slide of Wikipedia “imagine a world without free knowledge” announcement ]


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NMCB 133






Depleted Uranium Technical Brief



That depends on where you are. In the US, United Nuclear used to sell small samples like that, but I think they’re out of stock now. It is rather dangerous, causes leukemia and other chronic disorders; so you need to cover samples with some protection. Eberline Services sells lab-quality slabs (4″ x 4″ x 1/8″) for $3,700. That’s about 626 grams, or 22.1 ounces, at $5.91 per gram.

Back in January 2010, United Nuclear was selling 61 grams for $549, that is $9 per gram.

1 oz = 28.35 grams





MAY 16TH, 2013
News from the can #8 ( Blow it out your Ass! And, watch Lawrence O’Donnell)


It’s Thursday May 16th 2013, my name is R. Crosby Lyles, and this is News from the Can.

Yesterday I ran across a post by a friend of mine with the caption “Prince Harry,
giving more respect for American soldiers than Barack Obama.” His post was a refutation of that caption as he explained that a buddy of his who worked at Arlington had said that
President Obama had visited the cemetery very often compared to the relative infrequency of visits by Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush. Though somewhat re-conciliatory he said this,
“Obama’s a shit-bag, but he at least pays respect to the Americans he sends to die.”

Which  prompted me to ask him, what makes the President a shit-bag?

So today, he sent me a video of Jon Stewart ripping Obama over the IRS deal that is
currently brewing in the news. His attached comment said this, “Obama’s the best Republican president we’ve had since Reagan. Democrats and liberals were swindled and the Democrats are simply hanging on so they don’t have to admit to conservatives that he’s a piece of shit.”Note here that these comments are rendered by an anarchist /communist.

We assume that Jon Stewart’s comments are supposed to be proof that Barack Obama is in
fact a piece of shit. Here’s the thing, Jon Stewart is a comedian. The threshold of
accountability for a comedian is way below that of an actual journalist. A comedian can
make a factual error today, clean it up tomorrow, and make a joke about it the whole time.
A real journalist doesn’t have that freedom. Not only that but Stewart’s outrage could be
interpreted as part of the gag, not knowing what rhetorical twist is coming next. This
highlights how convoluted American discourse has become when someone uses a comedian’s shtick as leverage in an argument. This experience also highlights how overly judgmental we can be in regards to high profile people. We play with insulting monikers for fun, But it’s not a game.

Look at this face[image of President Obama]. Can you honestly look this man in the eye and call him something so incredibly nasty as a piece of shit? Knowing that the actions of this man saved us all from a world wide economic depression of unprecedented scale? Knowing that this man got Osama Bin Laden in his first term when Bin Laden had been on the run for the entire two terms of the last president? Knowing that this man got comprehensive health care reform passed for the first time in forty years? This devoted husband? This father of two beautiful children? This seeker of consensus in such a foul den of thieves?

The fact is when you refer too this president of the United States as anything but Sir, you
are just talking shit. Because deep down everyone knows that this president really cares.
This president is trying to do the right thing on a daily basis with the welfare of the
whole country in mind. You know you are just blowing smoke that only serves to foul the air and spoil the lungs of your own children. Just remember this from Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Well that’s about it for today Thursday May 16th, 2013. My name is R. Crosby Lyles and this has been “News from the Can.” If you would like to support this pod cast go to RicLyles.com and hit the donate button. Any amount of help will be appreciated. But above all else thanks for watching and may God Bless.

Written, directed, and produced by R. Crosby Lyles May 16th 2013 all rights reserved. For information about media sources
contact R. Crosby Lyles at rcrosbylyles@gmail.com

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May 5th, 2013
News from the can #7( Stansberry’s End of Obama)


It’s Sunday May 5th, 2013. My name is R.Crosby Lyles and this is “news from the can.”

Breaking News: Frank Porter Stansberry is at it again. In an article by the New York Times from way back in 2003 entitled “E-mail Stock Tip Tests Limits of Security Laws” Mr. Stansberry’s company Stansberry and associates investment Research apparently sent an email out to “thousands of subscribers to (his) financial newsletters”… “claiming that a certain company’s share price would double after an announcement at a summit meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia.” Twelve hundred subscribers paid about a thousand dollars apiece to learn the name of a company that processes nuclear fuel that may have seen an improvement in the price of the bomb-grade uranium it was buying from Russia to reprocess. According to the New York Times, the summit came and went and the stock price of the enrichment company rose 12% but fell well short of the performance claimed by Stansberry’s company. In 2007 Stanberry was fined $1.5 million by the SEC for fraud in connection with this email, and to date, Stansberry’s appeals have been denied.

According to Steven Nelson of the Daily caller in 2011 Stansberry had a website NewAmerica3.com that predicted dire consequences for the US economy and was basically hawking $49.50 subscriptions to his news letter. The news letter would provide ways to get rich during the economic apocalypse that Stansberry claimed was on the way. Of course Porter Stansberry has also been a guest speaker on Info-Wars with Alex Jones if that tells you anything. Remember that Alex Jones is brought to you by Genesis communication Network another purveyor of doom owned by Ted Anderson who also owns Midas Resources, Inc. a precious metals dealer. Note here, that various personalities on GCN are constantly hawking the need to invest in precious metals to hedge against an apocalyptic future. Indeed, birds of a feather, really do flock together.

Now, just the other day, while I was checking the weather on accuweather.com a thumbnail picture of President Obama with the caption, “End of Obama” stood out from the usual list of advertisements. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the thumbnail and of course I knew instantly that it was one of those endless gloom and doom monologues. You know, one of those ads with a white background that only has voice and text. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to record it with my screen capture program. Although I don’t have sound, I do have a sped up version of the text I recorded so you can see for your self what is on it. For comparison the “End of America” video is on Youtube.

I won’t hold you in suspense, the “End of Obama” presentation is basically just a carbon copy of “The end of America” video that came out in 2011. It hits all of the right-wing economic fear mongering talking points from anti-taxation to U.S. treasury and Fed Policy, but most importantly it is hawking Gold and Silver, and some unknown fabulous investment thing that you have to pay to see. Just as a reminder one of my previous Vlogs entitled “Cults, Rackets, Jesus People, and Gold” covered the relationship between Alex Jones, Ted Anderson, Lyndon Larouche, Fear mongering, and the sales of precious metals. This latest offering from Porter Stansberry is not only a retread of a previous video in a slightly different wrapper but part of the same old scare-racket these people have been using to get your money for years. And, let me emphasize, that making money is what it is all about.

Well, that’s about it for today Sunday May 5th, 2013. My Name is R. Crosby Lyles, and this is “News from the can.” the rest of the video is a sped up version of the “End of Obama” Stansberry and Associates Research commercial.

Note:An accelerated reprint of the “End of Obama” video is provided at the end of this video for proof of its controversial contents and is displayed without the original sound. It is meant to be used as a tool to skim an otherwise intractable presentation with questionable material interspersed throughout.(77 minutes reduced to around 25 minutes) “Stansberry’s End of Obama and Gold” is not monetized and should be considered as News.


The Steven Nelson Associate Editor Daily Caller “Meet Porter Stansberry, the fraudster behind ominous ‘NewAmerica3′” ads


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May 2nd, 2013 ( my favorite Rednecks) –no video–

My favorite rednecks are Lyndon Baines Johnson and Bill Clinton. To be sure they are
rednecks by today’s standards. By 1960’s southern standards, however, neither of these
giants of public service would have been considered rednecks. But, Labels are always
changing. Redneck back then was more of a pejorative term, today it has a much more broad
context and means something different to virtually everyone. Country folk is probably the
most widely embraced sense of the word. However, the legacy of George W.Bush has probably
helped to perpetuate the negative connotation of the word to the point that perhaps at least
some of us rednecks need a little reminder of the grander extent of our heritage.

For many years the term redneck was used by southern white people to describe other white
people who were more backwards than them. Rednecks were extremely ignorant, racists, cruel
to animals, insensitive to the environment, uncaring about feelings, and indifferent to
science. These poor white people have been refereed to as hillbillys, trailer trash, white
trash, crackers or by any number of epithets invented on the fly. To people from other more
urban regions of the country a redneck might be anyone with a southern accent whether they
were blessed with advanced degrees and accomplishments or not. To be sure many a southern
genius has experienced a subtle contempt over our perceived lack of culture.

Now, My brother has a Bachelor’s of Philosophy and a Jurist Doctorate from a small
southern law school. He is well spoken, very well read, and has made a little bit of a name
for himself for his political writings and discourse on the internet. He was well received
that is, until he started doing pod-casts and then he somehow became less popular. Some
people think that this ebbing of his popularity was due to his southern accent. The basis for
this determination lies in the urban, mostly northern, regions where he lost popularity.
Some people believe that the underlying cause is something called metro-bigotry. The idea
being that some intellectual types won’t listen to you no matter how smart you are because
of where you were born.

As I write this, persecution of my brother under the yoke of metro-bigotry seems a rather
difficult case to make. However, A common refrain on right wing radio is about how gay
intellectual fascists are taking over. Fatigue with the restraints of political correctness
is turning into a movement with micromanaging metro-sexuals in the cross hairs. The
conservatives are always looking for a fissure to split among the progressives. Gun control,
morality, and that whole dependency on military superiority for our individual self esteem
have been wide enough crags to force a wedge into in the past. But, those tired old tests
of our cohesion have only made us stronger. We know that for our own survival as a nation
most of us must overcome our little prejudices.

This whole conversation leaves me wondering though, is there some kind of schism between
intellectuals, metro-sexuals, and rednecks? If there is, I probably don’t need to worry about
the intellectuals or the metro-sexuals. They will vote progressive no matter what. In which
case, I might as well just talk to the rednecks, and remind them that at least two of the
greatest presidents who ever lived were my favorite rednecks. And, that rednecks always do
better economically when democrats are in charge. So, if they want to ensure a prosperous way
of life that is more culturally familiar to them, they should probably get evolved…with
the Democratic Party.

If you need some good old fashioned redneck encouragement try reading any of the series of
books entitled ” The Years of Lyndon Johnson” by Robert Caro or, any number of books written by or about Bill Clinton.

Well that’s it for today________day may____2013, my name is R.Crosby Lyles and this has been
[“News from the Can”]


April 28th 2013
News from the can #6 (Rachel Maddow’s Redneck Revenge)

My name is R. Crosby Lyles. It’s Friday April 26th 2013 and this is “News from the Can.”

Have you ever seen one of these? [Image of bat (Put stage directions in brackets)]
This instrument has often been referred to by it’s best known manufacturer.
in fact, the Louisville slugger has been been used as a weapon since the dawn of baseball, especially by those of small stature who need a combat equalizer.

The Louisville slugger is also a wonderful metaphor. “He really knocked that one out of the park” refers to the intellectual “Home run” scored in a debate. Which reminds me of my favorite TV news commentator. [Pic of Rachel?]Rachel Maddow is a true thoroughbred. She is incredibly gifted with an uncanny ability to take disparate pieces of an arcane puzzle and put them together so that anyone can see the picture. She makes what she does look so easy that for a moment you might think,
aw heck, anybody can do that. If you think it’s easy, try it sometime. All of which is to say that when it comes to debate, Rachel Maddow, a Rhodes Scholar with a PhD from Oxford, is a heavy hitter. [flash the Louisville slugger.] When she is swinging that intellectual Louisville slugger, she is not the timid Mrs. Torrance, keeping someone at bay.

Here recently, Mz Maddow has turned her attention to gun reform. Gun reform has fairly played like a broken record on her show since the well before the day of the Sandy Hook massacre. Here’s a question. Who in the world really . . . really . . . cares about guns? What demographic comes to mind when you picture someone with a gun besides the military? I don’t know about you, but I picture a redneck. I mean who could possibly care more about guns than a redneck? Right? Bare in mind that I am a social liberal while I remind you now that Dr. Maddow is a self-proclaimed lesbian. As a matter of fact, my own association with lgbt people has put me in touch with the experience of some being persecuted, bullied, or otherwise proselytize . . . by rednecks. These experiences have left deep mental and sometimes physical scars on friends of mine, So I don’t really blame them for being resentful . . . anymore than I blame black people for resenting institutional racism.

Now, technically, I probably qualify as a redneck. My father was the son of a fruit picker from Frostproof Fla. and my mother picked cotton in Alabama growing up. So let me emphasize that some, not all, rednecks have historically been really ugly in their
dealings with alternative lifestyle people. It’s a mistake to try to use the term “redneck” as an ad hominem attack because it is obviously used as a term of endearment in many parts of the country. The word Redneck to some people is synonymous with hard worker, or salt of the earth. When I talk about rednecks I am talking about a demographic that reaches beyond a particular region and speaks to an ideology of intolerance for which I unfortunately don’t have a more convenient term that is as widely understood.

So let me ask you. How do you suppose, generally speaking, that hyper religions, gun loving rednecks and lesbians get along? Is it possible that Rachel Maddow might have a resentment against rednecks? If so, do you suppose that she might pass up an opportunity to beat up some rednecks with an issue that strikes deep into the fabric of their very soul. An issue like say, gun control?

Up to now, gun control has been a wedge issue. Wedge issues were originally designed to divide and conquer people in this country who have similar economic interests. That would be the Democrats. In order to destroy such a proven, successful, and stable system such as New Deal liberalism with its social safety net and its bank regulations the Republicans had to find a way to avoid the empirically verifiable fact that New Deal tax and spend liberalism works. Enter the crazy conspiracy theories.

Gun control has turned out to be a fantastic wedge issue. Why? Because gun enthusiasts are really, really, really crazy about their guns. This is something that I realized recently on Facebook. One of my southern white boy friends, who also happens to be a soldier in the Army, really loves his guns and the things he posts on Facebook are either conspiracy theories about how the terrorist attacks are really designed to take your guns, or outrage against police brutality(which has bearing on feelings of empowerment against the state-guns again-), or snippets from our founding fathers about the 2nd Amendment,… Or strangely about how the oligarchs are enslaving us. You see he, like most Americans, when you peal the onion down to the core, whether they are republican or libertarian or whatever, they are all really New Deal/Great Society liberals. To prove this, ask anyone you know which program they would like to cut: Social Security? Unemployment compensation? Medicare? The minimum wage? Overtime pay?

Meanwhile, I realized from my interactions with my friend, that gun lovers ultimately don’t care about anything but their guns. Ideally, they would like to see things like less income disparity, better health care, better education, debt reduction, even keeping crazies from getting guns. But if you say anything that can even be remotely construed as a threat to their guns, they become completely intransigent almost resembling hardcore right wingers. In other words, they are Democrats until you say the word “gun” and then they turn into Republicans.

Murder is tragic in the most profound sense of the word. Without question some common sense gun control measures should be passed. But also know that the murder rate in general is at an historic low in this country. The reason that we spend more money on anti-terror than on controlling guns is because of the enormous potential loss of life from a terrorist attack. But, how much more devastating would the effects be of not being able to enact a sensible tax structure and balance our budget because we can’t all get together on it? So, I ask with all do respect to Rachael Maddow, how can we advance the desperate cause of saving this great nation of ours from economic and physical destruction at the hands of right wing ideologues if we waste our energy on person grievance?

One day the long awaited tipping point will come for gun control to happen. But until then, we must unite all who agree on the basic principals that are the foundation of freedom. That foundation is made first and foremost of economic liberty which is made possible by New Deal liberalism.

Well that’s about it for today, Friday April 26th, 2013. My name is R. Crosby Lyles and has been “News from the can” See Ya.

April 17th 2013

News from the can #5 ( Jesus People and Lyndon Larouche )

Note: Strange things have happened with playback on my computer while making this video and trying to view it on YouTube, which is interesting considering what it is about.

Its April 17th, 2013 my name is R Crosby Lyles and this is news from the can.

In his book “The temper of our time” mid twentieth Century author Eric Hoffer famously said
“Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” This book was published in 1967, a great vantage point in time to observe the devolution of great causes around the world into rackets. In a recent installment of the Rachel Maddow show New York magazine’s Frank Rich referred to Rupert Murdock’s Wall street journal as a racket for featuring Carl Rove since Rove had been benched on Fox News after the 2012 election debacle. Rich was countering a comment made by Bill kristol of the Weekly Standard that used Eric Hoffers famous quote to describe the Republican party in disarray. Rich said,”I’m sure he’s right,” “But he’s being disingenuous, because the biggest racket in my view is the Murdoch racket.”

It may not be a surprise to many of you to hear a writer refer to someone like Rupert Murdock a veritable king of the tabloid business as a racketeer because many of you already see the news media business and politics as a racket. This has probably been a prevailing view since before the dawn of printed publication and for good reason. Politics, publishing, revolution, war, ect. have often appeared to be one big racket.

Before I go on, I would just like to say that, like everyone else, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the recent bombing in Boston on Monday, Patriots Day. And, I have a quick word to the terrorists, Fuck You terrorist! Let me join the chorus of voices who have been saying for many years now that When you hurt innocent women and children, you also destroy any chance of my caring about your cause, ever.

Having said that, pay close attention to the following definition as you consider that our defense budget has recently been threatened with sequester. Bare in mind the recent saber rattling of North Korea along with the recent bombings here and abroad when you think about the following question.

What is a racket? As quoted from Wikipedia,”A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, will not be affected, or would not otherwise exist…” “Particularly, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party.”

Okay, that is a racket. Now I wonder, What is a cult? It’s gotta be something similar, right? I thought I would get another pithy answer from Wikipedia but I was surprised to find a little more historical perspective and nuance than I was expecting. By the third paragraph I got this, “Usage of the word has been controversial. One reason is that the word “cult” (as used in the pejorative sense) is considered a subjective term, used as an ad hominem attack against groups with simply differing doctrines or practices, and without a clear or consistent definition.”

And then, way down towards the bottom it says this “Secular cult opponents like those belonging to the anti-cult movement tend to define a “cult” as a group that tends to manipulate, exploit, and control its members. Specific factors in cult behavior are said to include manipulative and authoritarian mind control over members, communal and totalistic organization, aggressive proselytizing, systematic programs of indoctrination, and perpetuation in middle-class communities.

But before that, there is this:”In his influential book ‘The Kingdom of the Cults’ (first published in the United States in 1965) Christian scholar Walter Martin defines Christian cults as groups that follow the personal interpretation of an individual, rather than the understanding of the Bible accepted by mainstream Christianity.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but this last sentence really speaks to my understanding of the popular conception of what a cult is. In my mind, it is a group of people who doggedly follow the doctrines of an organization or a charismatic individual beyond the course of logic and reason. A group of people who are willing to work without the benefit of personal compensation for the benefit of the group. But the group usually has a leader, and that leader is usually clothed and fed a lot better than the others. So what it really sounds like is that a cult is just a pure form of a racket.

This brings us to racket master of the month Ted Anderson of Genesis Communications Network or GCN. For those of you who don’t know, GCN is an Am/Fm radio network represented in over 750 markets across the United States. This network carries well known talk show personalities like Alex Jones and lesser known people like Josh Tolley. A common talking point among these largely libertarianesque talking heads is that the big economic catastrophe is coming soon so you better invest in something solid like precious medals. Then of course one of the main advertisers is Midas Resources, Inc.,a precious metals dealer. And to top it all off, Midas Resources is owned by none other than Ted Anderson.

At this point, I could go off on the heavily trodden path how fear is widely used to manipulate the masses into buying things they don’t need, or voting a particular way, or whatever. These techniques are used by just about everyone, but there are two entities that I found particularly interesting.

Lyndon Larouche is probably the king daddy of manipulative fear mongers still alive in the world today. Interestingly enough, he has been accused of running a cult for more than forty years. Another forty year old organisation that has been accused of being a cult is Jesus People USA. Similarities are that: JPUSA has the oldest running commune, and Larouche has communal facets to it’s organization; they both have been accused of mind control and physical abuse on members at some point in their history. I won’t argue the validity of those claims, and I have no proof that these claims are true. There are certainly plenty of references available on both for you to decide for yourself. My point is that they both use fear to obtain their goals. And that ultimate goal is to control your mind.

Here is where it get’s a little sketchy. How I happened to draw a link between Lyndon Larouch and Jesus People USA is through a video that I saw on YouTube entitled ” 4 April 2013 Russia Launches Surprise Military Exercise in Black Sea end times.” this video was on a YouTube channel entitled U2bheavenbound. What struck me about the video was the presence of black and Latino Anchor people talking about the desperate need to impeach President Barack Obama out of fear that he was going to start world war III over our nuclear policy with Iran. The center piece for the video is Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev saying “I don’t want to spook anyone but…” in reference to possible nuclear confrontation with the west over somewhat vague circumstances. You know as well as I do if you really want to spook some one just say these words” I don’t want to spook anyone…buttttt…”

I started out by wondering if these particular people of color had happened to have read “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe. But I figured I had better do some research before I stick my foot in my mouth. It is always best to get the big picture before you plunge right in.

To my surprise the video was produced by LPACTV, which is a Lyndon Larouche production. I thought it was strange that a christian YouTube channel would be running a Larouche production until I examined other videos on their channel and found that they get video from virtually everywhere. They get stuff from sources as disparate as Foxnews and PBS-Frontline, you name it. If it’s scary and end-timesy, they up-load it.

The next thing that was interesting was the volume of videos that these people were putting up. In the past ninety days they up-loaded 600 videos. Now, in order to do that at the level of quality that they are maintaining you need a reletively large staff. You have to have teams of people looking for jucy media, someone to download it from its source and process it( note: these videos are pristine with proffessional sound quality). And then, you need someone to upload it, title and leave an appropriete description. No question about it u2bheavenbound is a large scale media producing machine.

Now I’m thinking, who are these people? They don’t leave many clues. I had to do some digging. As near as I can tell by the subjects that they repeatedly cover, the owner of the u2beheavenbound YouTube channel is non other than Jesus People USA or someone closely affiliated. Then, I found it interesting that JPUSA is one of the oldest and largest Christian based communes in the United States. They’ve been around for forty years and have over 400 members. And, like Lyndon Larouche(a former communist) they too have been accused of being a cult. By the way JPUSA got the idea of forming a commune from the bible. You see the first Christians lived communally, they were communists. I’m not making that up. Read your bible.

Now all of the sudden, I’m seeing this odd parallel between these two seemingly separate organizations. They both spin as much fear as they can. They are shadowy, secretive, and they exude a sense of immense power. Are they connected? I don’t know. You tell me. U2bheavenbound certainly doesn’t mind running Larouche video productions. Does that mean anything? I don’t know.

Here is what I do know. A cult is a racket in it’s purest form. It is designed to empower its leaders to the exclusion of most of it’s followers. It is a business. It is designed for someone to make money. It uses fear to control and manipulate its members. And, I believe that the cult model is the prevailing business model in use in the world today. To see this in action observe the language corporate enterprises use with their employees.

As far as the media is concerned, there is still the question of which came first the chicken or the egg? Fear is entertaining and if you are not entertaining, you won’t be on the air very long. As long as we are run by fear, the media will use it to hook us in. I believe that cultism is a natural outgrowth of the mass media doing what works to stay in business. It just happens. We hear the same messages repeated every day and the neural pathways form. We are drawn towards the familiar and are creatures of habit and this leaves us vulnerable to being programmed. But there is hope.

To combat this threat of media cultism on America I propose a simple solution and that is to bring back equal time. We need a federal law that states that no media outlet can run political ideas unopposed for an appreciable length of time. Opposing view points must be allowed in short enough intervals to interrupt the formation of neural pathways, the physiology at the root of modern brainwashing. Our bizarre bifurcation of the American press between Fox on the right and MSNBC on the left must be brought to an end, once and for all, for the good of the republic.

In closing, let me just say that a little donation will help us continue to get the truth out there. Just go to RichLyles.com and click the Donate button. Every little bit helps.

Well, that’s it for today April 17th, 2013. My name is R. Crosby Lyles and this has been “news from the can”

Jan 11th 2013
Transcript for “Oil Conspiracy ? ” The Crosby Report 1-8-2013

1.Lets beat a dead horse for a minute.

2. a news report last spring by Diane Sawyer on ABC news that beneath the lower contiguous 48 united states there is more oil than beneath Saudi Arabia and a few other countries combined. And, according to another report by Alan Farnham for ABC News
from last Nov 13th 2012, the shale oil deposits in the Green river Utah reserves hold as much as 3 trillion barrels of oil. To put that in perspective, all of humanity has burned only 1 trillion barrels of oil in the last 100 years according to Roger Day president for operations for American Shale Oil(AMSO.)as quoted in that report, which goes on to say that “That’s more oil than in all of the reserves in the world”.

3.Of course, it is well known that shale oil is difficult and costly to extract.Shale has to be heated to extract the oil and the technology to do this insitu at the required depths is still under development. Also, There are environmental concerns with fracking and the potentially excessive amounts of water that would need to be used for extraction in this relatively arid region. But also realize that Green River is not necessarily the source of our current oil boom.

4.Another Report By Zunaira Zaki, back on Dec 11, 2012, titled
“US Oil Production: Record Rise in 2012″ Said that according to the US department of energy the US was set to top 7 million barrels a day oil production for the first time since 1992 this year. And, 2012 saw the largest oil production increase since 1859. And finally,according to ABC, the International Energy Agency is forcasting the US to be the world’s largest producer of oil by 2020.

5.Say What?
What about all that blood and treasure we just spilled in Iraq and afgahnistan?

Of course one of the “Meta arguments” for those wars being that we needed to secure the middle east for our own energy security.

Somehow I felt like I’d been bamboozled, hood winked.

But, when ever I tried to bring this odd feeling of betrayal up with my friends, it would be quickly dismissed with a shrugg, “so what! We got the oil”.
And I still have this nagging question: how long has there been knowledge of any sort that there might be these vast, though only remotely accessible, reserves? How could these vast reserves have either escaped detection or escaped wide public discussion?

6. Ok, so the technology and cost benefit to extract these hydrocarbons might not have existed 13 years ago. Someone, somewhere must have made a prediction based on available information at some time in the past. The crux of it is that this information would probably only be known in certain circles… Weren’t Dick Chaney and George W. Bush, not to mention H.W.oil men? Zunaira Zaki’s report suggests that development of oil fields in Texas, Montana, and North Dakota( that would be Dick and W’s back yard) are behind this surge in oil production in 2012. What could they not have known as oil men about potentially huge reserves in their own back yard? And, wasn’t Dick Cheney the chairman and CEO of the Halliburton Company from 1995 to 2000? Isn’t that a major world wide oil services company? The same one,by the way, implicated by a shoddy cement plug in the deep water horizon catastrophe in the gulf of mexico?

7. Obviously, they wanted a war, and if Americans knew that the US would be the top producer of oil by 2020 that would militate against the argument for maintaining security on our foreign energy sources. It also just so happens that Afghanistan has enormous reserves of rare earth metals, which are in demand for the production of cutting edge electronics. Aside from that though, isn’t it funny that regions afflicted with war and strife aren’t able to produce oil, or anything else for that matter, as well as if they didn’t have these conflicts. Not with standing the enormous potential profit to Halliburton for rebuilding war-torn oil facilities, it’s almost like the war in the middle east made those difficult reserves at home more profitable to extract. Who more than the high tech oil industry and the people in that small circle who knew about these vast reserves would benefit from a destabilizing war in the middle east? Maybe the ham-handed job Dick and W did on the war in Iraq wasn’t a mistake after all. Maybe it’s all just part of a New American century.

8.After hearing this installment, my brother Joe suggested that I read “Failed States” a book by Nom Chomsky that may have bearing on everything I just said.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m R. Crosby Lyles and this has been the Crosby report. Don’t forget to check out Joe’s Kitchen Table next week on YouTube. You might also like to see Joe Lyles take on the crazies in his film “Megadittos, The Tea Party Cult.” Available at TeaPartyCult.com
Thanks to these sources on the web including :
Thomas Erdbrink nytimes.com
Zunaira Zaki. @ZunairaZaki ABC News
Diane Sawyer ABC news
And thanks to wikipedia for other details
R. Crosby Lyles is not affiliated with ABC News or any other reputable news agency. The opinions expressed here are not the opinions of any source cited in this installment.
See you next time.

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